Remembering and Learning from Newtown

concert_for_newtownTeachers are among those most moved and affected by the violence and suffering at Newtown one year ago.  To honor the anniversary of the Newtown tragedy — December 14 — at 6pm, WGBY airs a tearful yet joyful concert, filled with love and a powerful sense of the Newtown community’s commitment to fulfilling the Sandy Hook Promise — to be remembered not as the place where tragedy occurred but as the place where transformational change began.   In addition to this moving anniversary tribute, you can find resources for grades 9-12 to teach and learn about Newtown and its aftermath.

The concert, which includes performances by Peter Yarrow, Dar Williams, Bethany Yarrow and others, is interwoven with interviews of Francine and David  Wheeler, the parents of 6-year-old Ben, who died at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012.   Says  Peter Yarrow, a former member of folk music trio Peter, Paul and Mary, and founder of the non-profit anti-bullying organization, Operation Respect, “I fully believe that this concert will touch the heart of America. It  was a most remarkable night, one that shows who we can be when we act with courage and allow our hearts to be open to one another.

PBS LearningMedia has five videos that help provide insight into the violence in Newtown and beyond:  After Newtown:  Guns in America:  Colonial Era, After Newtown:  Guns in America:  Philadelphia, Student Reporting Labs React to Newtown provided by PBS NewsHour, After Newtown: Guns in America:  Chicago, and The Path to Violence:  School Violence.

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