Learn More About Nelson Mandela

imagesWe have two videos about Nelson Mandela in our lending library that you might find of value.  One is The Long Walk of Nelson Mandela (I.D. 2185)  Frontline profiles the most widely known and revered political leader in the world, Nelson Mandela.  Credited with the reversal of apartheid in a South Africa controlled by two generations of stern Afrikaner leaders who enforced the ideology of racial separation, Mandela stands as an all-embracing giant who brought about his nation’s extraordinary peaceful transformation to democracy. DVD format. To borrow The Long Walk of Nelson Mandela, click here.   The second video is Reconciliation – Mandela’s Miracle (I.D. 2205).  Once considered a “terrorist,” Nelson Mandela saved his country from bloody civil war and dismantled the system of apartheid through the spirit of reconciliation. The video details the events that led up to what South Africans have coined “Mandela’s miracle.” DVD format. You can borrow this title from the WGBY Collection at the Springfield Public Library.

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