Two Videos Present New Views of Lincoln and the Civil War

pPBS3-16931518regTwo Interesting video packages arrived recently which are timely, as Lincoln’s birthday is coming up in February. The term packages is apt, because not only do these package contain a DVD, but several reproductions of maps, newspaper clippings, personal letters, etc. These documents add a new dimension to audio/visual materials.

Gettysburg and the Civil War (I.D. 2407) — Here is a history package of the Civil War comprising a DVD that gives a vivid picture of the battle at Gettysburg, a 24-page book that provides an invaluable grounding in the context, personalities, and key events of the war, and memorabilia in the form of letters from soldiers, maps and telegram facsimiles. Click here to order

pPBS3-5629701regAbraham Lincoln (I.D. 2408) — A package comprising a DVD titled “The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln,” a 24-page biography that paints a compelling portrait of Lincoln, and memorabilia in the form of posters, letters and other documents. Click here to order

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