From Yoga To Snacks — Get Kids to MOVE IT!

MoveItMerlin_0You can help students make good choices about healthier lifestyles with a new PBS LearningMedia collection from MOVE IT! and Kids in Motion projects, which show teachers how to incorporate movement in the elementary classroom and offers kids exciting wellness activities from calming yoga poses to step-by-step healthy, low-budget after-school snack creation. 

MOVE IT!, an original, award winning children’s program from WSKG Public Media’s Working on Wellness initiative, focuses on keeping families active, nutritional education and self-awareness.

The series is broken into three components:

• Move It! focuses on physical activity, label reading, Geocaching, sugary drinks and bullying.

• Fuel It! emphasizes the importance of nutrition and demonstrates children creating their own after school fuel recipes.

• Cool It! teaches children self-awareness and confidence through yoga and goal setting.

This collection includes over 30 videos and resources that range in length from two to ten minutes and cover a wide variety of New York State Health and Physical Education standards including personal health and skills for healthy living.  Check it out at PBS LearningMedia.

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