Lesson Plan for Black History Month: Educating the Whole Child in a Segregated Society

Les 10 Clip 1 Still_largeBlack History Month begins and throughout February you’ll find resources here to spark students’ curiosity. This one considers the 21st century demand for a new way of approaching education policy and practice — a “whole child” approach to learning, teaching, and community engagement.  Such an approach requires that policymakers make decisions about education by first asking:   What works best for children? Answering that question pushes us to redefine what a successful learner is and how we measure success. For a 70-year period, when America cared little about the education of African Americans and discrimination was law and custom, the Bordentown School was an educational utopia that WAS answering this question and creating “whole child” learners in a segregated society. Analyze how the Bordentown community fostered a well-rounded education for African American students with this PBS Learning resource from Hudson West that includes a lesson plan aligned to National History Standards for grades: 9-12.

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