Math at the Core: Middle School

indexPBS LearningMedia’s newest math collection, Math at the Core:  Middle School, contain media-rich lessons designed to help middle school students visualize math concepts. The lessons align to Common Core standards for grades 5-8 and address critical concepts, such as ratios and proportions, adding negative integers, and probability and statistics. Math at the Core: Middle School resources are designed for middle school students of diverse learning styles and backgrounds and reflect a wide range of culturally responsive perspectives.  When complete later this spring, the collection will contain 400 lessons. Recently, 50 new resources were uploaded to the collection! Here are a couple of examples to click on and explore:

Determining Surface Area with Unit Blocks, Rulers and Nets;

Students observe and experiment with different ways to measure and calculate the surface area of a rectangular prism;

Random Sampling: How Many Fish?

Students explore statistics using a real-life scientific method used by scientists in order to estimate and make inferences about wildlife populations.

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