World Languages and Cultures — Video Collection for PreK-12

ketpdlc_vid_aymv4_lWorld Languages and Cultures, at PBS LearningMedia was adapted from ¡Arte y más! and originally produced by Kentucky Educational Television (KET) as a complete curriculum for primary-level Spanish instruction.  The first of these video resources introduces primary students to Spanish by immersing them in the language—all instruction is in Spanish—and by engaging them in participatory lessons addressing arts and humanities content.In ¡Arte y Más! Fun with faces (Diversión con caras) for grades PreK-3, Señora Alicia introduces body parts: el ojo, los ojos, la boca, la oreja, las orejas, la nariz using pictures.  Then, she reviews the command toca using the same body parts.  Supplementary resources include Teaching Tips, Background Essay, and Caras Coloring Page for teachers.

Visit the entire World Languages and Cultures collection with video and support materials for PreK-12.

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