Personal Finance Lessons for You and Students

WGBY provides you with financial advice from America’s most recognized expert in personal finance with the new PBS special, Suze Orman’s Financial Solutions for You, which will air on Saturday, March 22, at 5p and 11p and Sunday, March 23, at 9p.  Equally important, PBS Learning Media provides a wealth of resources on finance, including 10 lesson plans.

In her latest special Suze Orman, winner of two Emmy Awards for her PBS programs, offers advice on issues such as how to invest, whether to buy or rent a home, saving for retirement, what kind of life insurance to buy, wills and trusts, student loans and more.

Learning to make smart financial decisions can start at an early age, and PBS Learning media has 10 lesson plans related to finance as well as many other digital resources, especially for grades 5-12, that you’ll find when you search “finance.”

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