Literacy Resources for Vocabulary & Works of Notable Authors

PBS LearningMedia offers resources to strengthen the literacy skills of students from kindergarten through high school.  A nationally popular vocabulary/reading program from the beloved PBS KIDS program Martha Speaks, sport-themed words from The Electric Company, and videos/images for The Catcher in the Rye are all designed to engage students and enhance curricula.The following featured resources from PBS LearningMedia help students expand their vocabulary and familiarity with the works of notable authors:
Reading Buddies Program
Grades K-5 | Collection | Group Reading Activities
Help your kindergarten and elementary students increase their vocabulary, develop self-esteem, and enhance their love of reading with this collection from MARTHA SPEAKS!
Wordball Games
Grades 1-3 | Media Gallery | Foundational Skills
Invite students to join The Electric Company crew as they define sports-themed words like “score,” “penalty,” and “compete.”
American Masters: Salinger
Grades 9-12 | Collection | Notable Authors
Introduce students to the widely popular novel, “The Catcher in the Rye” and its mythic author, J.D. Salinger using the videos and images in this collection.

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