Celebrating Diversity in June

June is a milestone month for people of many different backgrounds, and PBS LearningMedia has resources to help educators and students navigate topics of culture and diversity.  From Black Music Month to LGBT Pride Month to interracial marriage (1st legalized in June), here are educational resources to support them:
• Dive into KET’s Africa/African-American Culture collection as part of Black Music Month, featuring West African and African-American music, dance and storytelling.
• Honor LGBT Pride Month with this resource from TPT’s Constitution USA with Peter Sagal, exploring the high ideals of the Declaration of Independence that “all men are created equal,” endowed with “inalienable rights,” which helped established notions being used today to fight for same-sex marriage, votingrights, affirmative action and immigration reform.
• On June 12, 1967, interracial marriage was made legal in the U.S., widely known today as “Loving Day.” Look back on some historic interracial relationships and marriages with these resources from our friends at PBS Black Culture Connection.


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