Food to Feed Summer Students’ Appetites for Learning

What better place to cultivate curiosity than in the kitchen? A variety of  hands-on activities are designed to engage summer students from grades K-12 and feed their appetite for learning:


Science Cooks!
Grades 5-8 | Activity | Nutrition
In this activity, students are invited to whip up a healthy granola snack, invent a name for their crunchy creation, and produce a nutrition label so they can sell it in stores.
The Chemistry of Onions
Grades 6-12 | Video | Everyday Science
Cutting an onion not only releases molecules that can make you cry – it also changes the onion’s flavor! Step into a test kitchen with tech columnist David Pogue to learn more.
Tropical Tacos
Grades K-8 | Video + Activity | Nutrition
Take a step into Carter’s kitchen as he and his grandmother demonstrate how to make a healthy meal of Tropical Tacos. Recipe included!
PBS Food
Grades 2-12 | Collection | Food & Agriculture
This NEW collection features a range of tasty summer recipes and offers a behind-the-scenes look at the scientists, chefs, and farmers that bring our food to the table.

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