Featured 2014 Pioneer Valley Teacher of Excellence: Josh Kislo

John Kislo with studentsJosh is an Instructor/Chef at Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School in Northampton and a  graduate of Northampton High School, Class of 1977.   He himself earned a Culinary Arts Certificate from Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School in 1979 as well as a Bachelor of Science in Education/Occupational Education at Westfield State University in 1999.  He’s been a Culinary Arts Instructor since February of 1988.  Here are his responses to a few questions  we asked him as one of this year’s Pioneer Valley Teachers of Excellence Awards recipients:

What is your favorite memory or anecdote that captures your joy in/dedication to teaching?  Having graduates coming back to visit and inform me of their successes

What keeps you enthusiastic about teaching/education, and where or from whom do you find your inspiration?
In Culinary Arts you need passion; therefore, when I see the passion in students to learn about culinary, that I find it inspirational.

Do you have a favorite resource, website, lesson/activity that you want to share?  Smith Junior Chefs Association Education eNewsletter

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