Featured 2014 Pioneer Valley Teacher of Excellence: Paulette Levchuk

kauffmanwinnersPaulette  is a reading and ESL teacher for grades K-6 at Conway Grammar School.  She works with a wonderful team of educators and has a supportive community.

As one of this year’s Pioneer Valley Teachers of Excellence Awards recipients, we asked her the following questions:

What is your favorite memory or anecdote that captures your joy in/dedication to teaching?  I love when children create jokes and funny stories based on words they are learning, especially when they use a word with multiple meanings in a pun, like a play on words. T hey love sharing these and writing them down.

What keeps you enthusiastic about teaching/education, and where or from whom do you find your inspiration?
Inspiration comes from the students and teachers I work with everyday. I am always learning from them!

Do you have a favorite resource, website, lesson/activity that you want to share?  I have enjoyed using the iPad as a resource and tool for student learning and presentations. The students’ enthusiasm and engagement with this technology is very high, and this motivation keeps everyone involved and actively learning.

We’d love to hear responses to these questions from any of our readers.  So please send us your comments!

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