Interactive Globetrotting Lesson — Travel to Egypt

This week, the Summer Explorer Series focuses on the content theme Globetrotting with PBS LearningMedia, allowing educators to offer students a window to the world.  For example, traveling to Egypt and seeing the Great Pyramid – one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World – would be an  adventure for most everyone.  With this interactive lesson plan, students learn about the thinking of historians and their perspective on why the pyramids were built.Egypt was one of the first civilizations with a large population that used writing, lived in cities, had a system of religious beliefs and was ruled by a government. In 2700 BCE, the Egyptians built their first pyramid. Many believe pyramids were created as doorways to the afterlife for the pharaohs. Students can delve further into ancient Egyptian society and how those at the top organized the rest of the population in order to build these amazing structures. LAUNCH THE LESSON PLAN from WGBH in Boston.

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