Post Summer Ocean Exploration

Some students will have been fortunate enough to spend some of their summer time at the ocean.   They and, perhaps more importantly, those children who were without this privilege, can explore these k-12 featured resources to stimulate classroom discussion about marine animals, aquatic ecosystems, and careers in science:
Grades 6-8 | Interactive | Animal Defenses
What traits help a fish survive in the reef? Its color, size, or shape? Test your theories by designing your own fish and steering it through the reef environment.
What Does the Sea Pig Say?
Grades K-8 | Video | Music & Science
Get to know this marvelous and mysterious deep sea bottom dweller with Linda Kuhnz from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute and the Kronos Quartet.
Cool Critters
Grades PreK-12 | Video | Animal Adaptations
What’s the coolest critter in the ocean under 4 inches long? The Dwarf Cuttlefish! These little guys can change their color and texture – and feeding time is a show like no other.
Jonathan Bird’s Blue World
Grades PreK-12 | Collection | Underwater Ecosystems
Take your students on a virtual, deep sea adventure while teaching them how science works above and below the water. Plan your lesson using this collection of video, study guides, and more!

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