Bullying Awareness: Cyber Bullying, Conflict Resolution and Relationship-Building

October is Bullying Prevention Month and PBS LearningMedia can play a big role in teaching educators and students in a range of grades about conflict resolution and relationship-building as well as in preventing cyber bullying in today’s high tech world .  You and students can also learn about the brain’s role  in aggression

from an audio of a neuroscientist at the University of Chicago who studies human empathy:  Jean Decety Says Bullies’ Brains Might Work Differently.   Currently featured on PBS LearningMedia’s homepage, Block the Bullying is a video taken at a New Jersey school that emphasizes anti-bullying education by having all students simultaneously participate in a school-wide program.

When searching “bullying” at PBS LearningMedia, you’ll find many additional resources that explore bullying in various contexts.  You can also search specific subjects like “cyber bullying,” “conflict resolution” and “relationship-building.”


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