HOW WE GOT TO NOW: Resources to Inspire Innovative Thinking Among Middle & High School Students

On Wednesday, October 15, WGBY premieres the new series How We Got To Now with host Steven Johnson.   The programming begins at 9pm with CLEAN — Extraordinary ideas, innovations and unsung heroes who helped make America’s water supply cleaner, followed at 10pm with TIME — profiling the unsung heroes of time who helped advance navigation, technology and travel.  A PBS LearningMedia Collection targets video segments, audio files, lesson plans, and guides with  tools to drive this kind of innovative thinking among middle and high school students. The collection also now features resources that include even more tips on how to inspire innovative thinking in your classroom from How We Got to Now.  These PBS LearningMedia resources, which you can browse by topic, explore the critical and creative skills that engineers, inventors, musicians, farmers, and scientists rely on to develop the innovative products and processes that underpin our everyday lives.

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