Take the STEM TEACHER CHALLENGE — Videotaping is Great Professional Development

In May we shared information about the STEM TEACHER CHALLENGE, which invites Massachusetts’ educators to submit 1-5 minute educational videos that demonstrate STEM concepts, experiments, or best practices.

While the thought of videotaping might initially cause anxiety for some, this challenge can be a great way not only to share your practice but to reflect on your teaching and celebrate your creativity, energy (and, yes, courage) to experiment with new concepts in innovative ways.  And WGBH has resources to help and inspire your video making

at STEM TEACHER VIDEO CHALLENGE.  The Challenge, sponsored by Google and WGBH Education, runs through midnight, February 1, 2015, and winners will be announced at the NSTA national conference in March.  All participants in the Challenge will receive Google App cards and, as the video here notes, winning teachers will receive their choice of a document camera or iPad.


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