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Regardless of how many lesson plans you may write, guideposts can help to ensure lessons are comprehensive and effective.  At PBS LearningMedia you can find The Top Ten Questions to Ask Myself as I Design Lessons, the framework for the book Instruction for All Students by Paula Rutherford. These questions can be used to promote thinking about teaching and learning during the planning process, while teaching, and again when reflecting on the impact of the lesson either alone or with a mentor or supervisor.  You can download these Top Ten Questions from PBS TeacherLine, online professional development for preK-12 educators. While fall courses just started, more will be coming.  When enrolling in a course, please remember to use PROMO CODE:  WGBY.

You can also search for free professional development resources at PBS LearningMedia.   (Note:  There are so many that you’ll probably have to filter them by grade, content, etc.)

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