Ebola Lesson Plan & More Resources

This challenging time — as the world grapples with Ebola — provides a powerful teaching moment .  WGBY will broadcast a 30 minute short version of FRONTLINE’s “Ebola Outbreak” on our WORLD channel  from 10/22 – 10/25 at 3:00pm.  Among free PBS LearningMedia resources on Ebola that can be integrated into various content areas, you’ll find an Ebola Outbreak Lesson Plan for grades 7-12  from PBS NewsHour EXTRA.  The lesson plan, which includes the above video clip, can also be used as standalone activities or resources to enrich your own lessons. 

This mission-based lesson plan helps students learn basic concepts about epidemiology in the context of the current outbreak and apply what they’ve learned to design a strategy to control the epidemic.  Among the lesson’s many support materials, you’ll find an Ebola outbreak: mission instruction and resources – digital student guide webpage for students that guides them through their mission.

PBS NewsHour EXTRA, News for Students and Teacher Resources 7–12 Grade Level, also provides more standalone recommended resources from their Ebola resource collection .



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