From Shakespeare to Creative Science: Halloween-Inspired Resources

Enhancing curriculum with compelling resources engages students and opens them to learning sparked by curiosity and respect for content.  You can enhance classroom conversation, homework assignments, and flipped lessons with these creative science, literature, and history & culture resources (and more) for the season and throughout the year:
The Zombie Autopsies for Educators
Grades 8-13+ | Collection | Science
Make science class a little spookier this week with four ghoulish lessons designed to introduce students to neurobiology and the inner workings of the brain.
Supernatural Elements in Shakespeare
Grades 8-12 | Media Gallery | Literature
Ghosts, witches, and magic play an important role in some of Shakespeare’s most notable works. Do you know which ones? Find out here!
The History of Halloween
Grades 2-6 | Video | History & Culture
Halloween hasn’t always been about candy and costumes. Take a look back at the historical origins of this spooky holiday.

You’ll find many more resources by searching Halloween at

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