Puerto Rican Perspectives & Barrios de Puerto Rico

In the lesson plan Puerto Rican Perspectives, drawing on material from Latino Americans, grade 7-12 students can examine Puerto Rican experiences in the United States throughout the 20th century. Another resource on Puerto Rico is from Sistema TV in Puerto Rico, which has published 15 Spanish-language videos entitled Barrios de Puerto Rico.  You’ll find these as well as scores of other resources on Puerto Rico, its history and culture at PBS Learning Media.

The lesson plan Puerto Rican Perspectives answers questions such as:  How did the Spanish American War shape the connection between the island and the U.S.? How has this shaped the question of identity for Puerto Ricans? What are the issues surrounding Puerto Rican migration and settlement in New York?

Sistema TV’s 15 videos, Barrios de Puerto Rico, are tours of specific locations and neighborhoods throughout the country that highlight the history and culture of Puerto Rico.

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