Thrilling Real-Life Anecdote About Curious George Creators & His Christmas Special

In this early trailer of Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas — airing Wednesday, December 17, 8am & 3pm on WGBY — you can begin to catch the spirit of this beloved monkey and the Man with the Yellow Hat as their gift-giving predicaments are beautifully resolved to reveal the true spirit of the holidays.  On PBS LearningMedia you can learn Curious George’s dramatic origins and how he might never have given the joy he continues to bring children had his creators suffered the plight of millions during the holocaust.

In the interview transcript of children’s and young-adult writer Anita Silvey, you can scroll down to “The story behind Curious George” to read her anecdote about George’s creators and how their manuscript of the curious monkey (then known as Fifi) saved them as they fled the Nazi’s.

As PBS LearningMedia, you’ll also find Curious George educational resources to engage children beyond the episodes they so love to watch.



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