College & Career Week

With most application deadlines in December or January, many students will be thinking about college applications and their futures during winter break.  In addition to tools to help high school students prepare, there are K-12 resources to expose students to fascinating careers such as an abundant collection from NOVA scienceNow, an Emmy-nominated web video series.  With this week’s content theme “College & Career Week,” here are just some of the resources you can find at PBS LearningMedia when you search any of the following titles:

I Want to Be a Scientist! | Media Gallery | Sid the Science Kid | PreK-1
Spark Profiles | Spark | K-13+
What Does a Choreographer Do? | Annie | 4-12
Great Job! | WVIZ | 6-8
Cool Careers in Science Collection | WGBH | 6 -12
Secret Life of Scientists & Engineers | NOVA scienceNow | 5-12
Readiness for College & Career | American Graduate | 6-13+
Human Performance Careers | Think TV | 7-13+
Plan Your Future | Classroom Close-Up NJ | 13+
Hurricane Researcher | Dragonfly TV | 4-6

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