Teaching Cybersecurity with NOVA’s Cybersecurity Lab

Watching this video, you can begin to see why the New York Times Learning Network education blog recently used NOVA’s Cybersecurity Lab’s game and videos in a lesson plan that provides steps to assure online safety.  Another powerful resource is NOVA’s standards-based RNA VirtuaLab that’s based on a wonder molecule called RNA, central to the origin of life, evolution, and the cellular machinery that keeps us alive.  In NOVA’s Cybersecurity Lab students defend a company that is the target of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks by completing a series of cybersecurity challenges that ask them to crack passwords, craft code, and defeat malicious hackers.

NOVA’s RNA VirtuaLab lets students play the role of a molecular engineer by solving RNA folding puzzles. They can then take their skills to Eterna to design RNAs that could be at the heart of future life-saving therapies.  For discussion questions and lesson plans, go to the RNA Lab collection on PBS LearningMedia.

For the New York Times lesson plan Teaching About Cybersecurity:  Taking Steps to Improve Online Safety and Prevent Data Breaches, click here.