Independent Lens: Evolution of a Criminal & Classroom Resources

How does a 16-year-old go from being an honors student to a bank robber? In Evolution of a Criminal, filmmaker Darius Clark Monroe explores the financial straits that led him to a desperate act as teenager in Texas as he returns to the scene of the crime to interview family members, close friends, and mentors to reflect on the aftermath.  WGBY airs this Independent Lens film on Monday, January 12, at 10pm, when Monroe faces people affected by his bank robbery seventeen years ago.  Many classroom resources

can be found at the Independent Lens website, which has Standards-based curricula and film modules adapted from films that cover a broad range of topics: media literacy, women’s rights, immigration, civil rights, religion, the environment, and more.

And you’ll find hundreds of PBS LearningMedia resources on crimecriminal justice and other related areas that can be easily filtered by grade, content area, resource type and more.

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