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mgbh_int_ratio.jpg.resize.710x399Now that the holidays (but not the snow days) are over, you may be looking for ways to re-energize your classroom.  This week’s PBS LearningMedia content theme, Gaming & STEM, highlights a collection of games and interactive resources that will engage students in meaningful learning.  For example, in “Ratio Rumbler,” a fast-paced interactive from WGBH, your class plays a video game involving reasoning about ratios and equivalent ratios.

How do plants and animals depend on each other? In an interactive game from PLUM LANDING, students try to maintain a healthy ecosystem with balanced resources and populations of plants and animals.

In an interactive science game from WGBH, your class will learn about sustainable practices by growing crops, protecting them against unforeseen problems, and determining how best to conserve resources.

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