O this learning, what a thing it is! A Midsummer Night’s Dream from Shakespeare Uncovered

This Friday, January 30, at 9pm on WGBY, Hugh Bonneville talks with actor Ralph Fiennes about A Midsummer Night’s Dream’s enduring appeal. Bonneville, who stars in Downton Abby,  started his career as an understudy to Ralph Fiennes in one of London’s Regent’s Park productions.  The Shakespeare Uncovered collection, along with a vast number of other Shakespeare resources, can be found at PBS LearningMedia.  The collection Shakespeare Uncovered explores the complete plays from comedies to histories to tragedies.  The series looks at the stories that have shaped our cultural history, seeking out each play’s inspiration, finding the moments and places that set every scene, as well as examining the words that gave life to Shakespeare’s world in both the past and present.

The thematic collection adheres to national learning standards and contains video segments from the series, informational texts, discussion questions, and suggestions for extension activities to enhance students’ reading, viewing, and appreciation of Shakespeare’s works.

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