Cross-Disciplinary Resources for Women’s History Month

To mark the start of Women’s History Month, this week’s PBS LearningMedia content theme spotlights stories of women – across various disciplines – who have impacted positive change in their communities and around the world.  For example, inspired by American Experience’s The Abolitionists, a video and lesson plan allows students to examine the ethical dilemma that Harriet Beecher Stowe faced when she first witnessed slavery in Kentucky in 1833 and to see the impact that the “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” novelist had on the abolitionist movement.  Harriet Beecher Stowe:  Uncle Tom’s Cabin / The Abolitionists reveals that Stowe was an author whose commitment to the abolitionist cause was strengthened after passage of the Fugitive Slave Act in 1850. She responded with the novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin, an immediate best seller that was credited with “putting a human face on slavery” and ultimately helping launch the Civil War.

You’ll find more at PBS LearningMedia where you can type any of the following titles into the search box for content on women in history :
1) I Want to Be a Scientist! | Sid the Science Kid (PreK-1)
2) First Ladies of the United States | Various (K-13+)
3) Single Women Homesteaders | Prairie Public ( 3-7)
4) SciGirls Collection | SciGirls  (5-8)
5) Women with Character | PBS NewsHour Extra (7-13+)
7) Community Classroom Collection | ITVS (9-13+)
7) Women’s Suffrage | Crash Course (9-13+)

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