Helping Parents Grow Smarter, Stronger & Kinder Kids

Too Small to Fail, a joint initiative of the Clinton Foundation and Next Generation, aims to help parents and businesses take meaningful actions to improve the health and well-being of children ages zero to five, so that more of America’s children are prepared to succeed in the 21st century. They and Sesame Street recently embarked on a text-to-parents program in partnership with the free mobile health information service, Text4baby, to distribute tips to new parents about talking, reading and singing with their newborn children.  Developed by Sesame Workshop, these research-based tips provide parents with specific ways to promote infants’ early language development and to support Sesame’s mission to help all kids grow smarter, stronger and kinder.  From meal time to bath time to bed time, text messages span a wide range of topics to help parents find fun and meaningful ways to interact with their babies in their everyday moments and routines.  For additional parenting resources, you can visit and


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