Celebrate Digital Learning Day and Pi Day

March 14 is officially known as Pi Day. The irrational number, sometimes rounded off to 3.14, goes on forever, which makes it impossible to memorize — but as you can see on this PBS NewsHour clip, that doesn’t stop schoolchildren and adults from trying to recite the digits past the decimal point .  Pi Day is celebrated around the world for the mathematical constant “π” (3.1415…), made even more memorable to students this year on 3.14.15 — a once-in-a-century occurrence!

Another day to celebrate at the end of this week is Digital Learning Day on 3.13.15, founded to promote discussion around innovative digital instruction practices and to ensure that youth everywhere have access to high-quality digital learning.  For both events, PBS LearningMedia has a timely mix of free games, resources, tutorials, and professional development to engage students and educators about both these events.  Here are just a few:

Celebrate Digital Learning Collection / Grades 6-13+

Boost your digital age teaching strategies with this comprehensive series of tutorials from KQED, our PBS station in San Francisco.

Dunk Tank

This fun, interactive quiz show is all about diameter, circumference, radius, and pi / Grades 6-7

INST125: Promoting Digital Media Literacy in Students

Explore a favorite professional development course from PBS TeacherLine.  (Use promo code SAVE10 for 10% off!*)
Grades K-12 | 30 Hours

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