More Ways to Celebrate Black History Month

Black History Month provides an opportunity to celebrate and provide you with timely black history resources and curriculum, including PBS Black Culture Connection. You can also check out WGBH’s extensive Civil Rights collection for incredible content all in one place.  In 1954, the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling in Brown v. Board of Education declared segregated schools unconstitutional and sparked a decade of groundbreaking civil rights activism and legislation. Using archival news footage, primary sources, and interview segments filmed for Eyes on the Prize, this collection captures the voices, images, and events of the Civil Rights Movement and the ongoing struggle for racial equality in America.  You’ll find all of this at PBS LearningMedia’s Civil Rights collection.

Also, Black Culture Connection brings you a suite of topic-driven collections produced by trusted PBS partners. Each of the collections is organized by theme (e.g. Jazz and Hip-Hop) and filled with an assortment of videos, articles and digital interactives – like historical timelines and quizzes!  These are rotating collections, so you can stop by every few weeks to check out new additions.

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