Bring the Arts, Theater & Music Into Your School With PBS

Learning about the arts is also learning about the art of living, which includes being more vulnerable and brave when making mistakes or facing rejection.  You can find meaningful ways to weave art, music, theater and their valuable lessons into your teaching with cross-curricular resourcesat PBS LearningMedia.  For example,

Broadway or Bust
Grades 6-12 | Collection | Musical Theater + Performance
Take a peek behind the curtain as high school students and coaches prepare for a live musical theater performance.

Music Learning Theory
Grade 13+ | Video | Classroom Strategies
Step inside Natalia Sigmund’s music class to explore the theory underpinning her instructional strategy.

Beat Making Lab
Grades 6-13+ | Collection | Music + Society
Follow DJ Pierce Freelon and Stephan Levitin as they travel the globe in search of emerging new artists and innovative beats.

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