Dyslexia: How An ARTHUR Episode Changed One Girl’s Life

The Huff Post’s The Blog recently featured a story about dyslexia written by one of their signature contributors, Anna Koppelman. Now a teen, Anna discovered she was dyslexic in first grade while watching an episode of ARTHUR. She writes, “I was using up my one hour of TV on the children’s show ARTHUR. It just so happened that at that time, on that day, the episode titled THE BOY WITH HIS HEAD IN THE CLOUDS aired on my TV, which I sat gaping at from my living room couch. It was as if I saw myself on the screen. He [Arthur’s friend, Greg] had spent years feeling behind his class, he couldn’t read, or do math problems at the rate his peers could do them. He felt stupid and worthless, but he wasn’t. The character had unique ideas and outlooks on the world. He saw things in a different way than his classmates and there was nothing wrong with that. He was just dyslexic. I remember hitting pause on the TV (a trick I had learned the day before) and running into my dad’s room. I interrupted the father-son sock catch, and stated loudly and a little lispy, ‘Daddy, I’m sisplexic!’”

In response to this story, WGBH Executive Producer of ARTHUR Carol Greenwald said, “Anna’s story makes all of us on the team feel so lucky that we get to work on ARTHUR. Our goal is for kids to be able to see themselves in the show, and clearly in this case it worked just the way we’d hoped it would.”

You can read the full story here.  And, you can explore the world of ARTHUR with a collection of educational resources at PBS LearningMedia.

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