Spring into STEM

This video clip is one of the related teaching materials you’ll find at PBS LearningMedia’s “best-in-STEM,” this week’s content theme that includes career profiles and compelling resources about plants, animals and climate. Here arejust a few samples of these powerful STEM resources:

Warming Climate & Invasive Species:  What’s causing an increase of invasive species in the Menominee National Forest? Menominee descendants believe changes to typical weather patterns are at fault.

Careers in Science: Encourage students to consider a career in science with the help of these profiles of Alaska Native scientists! In this media-rich lesson from WGBH, students explore the different backgrounds and career tracks of various scientists. They’ll also understand how Alaska Native and Western approaches to science can complement each other.

Finding Forests:  How is a forest like a city for animals? Plan an outdoor class this spring in which your students investigate forests and other ecosystems in their neighborhood.

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