Special Post by WGBY Intern on Racism

Chelsey Mattis, an intern in WGBY’s Community Engagement & Education Department, is currently a student at Holyoke Community College.  It’s with great pleasure that we share with you the following post that she researched and wrote:

In February of this year, an episode of Independent Lens entitled “American Denial” was aired for Black History Month. Until Saturday May 23, 2015, you can watch a study of Gunnar Myrdal’s 1944 investigation of Jim Crow racism as a launch to his notable career. As the PBS Video site states, the film analyzes the history and current state of how “unrecognized, unconscious attitudes continue to dominate racial dynamics in American life.”  You can find the full film of “American Denial” on Independent Lens’ website as well as literally hundreds of resources at PBS LearningMedia on topics such as “racism,” “Jim Crow,” “segregation.

For the full documentary “American Denial,” click here.

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