Rules for PBS KIDS Kart Kingdom: Be Kind, Be Safe, Have Fun!

At WGBY’s Asparagus Festival on Saturday, many parents shared their trust in PBS KIDS programs and resources.  Kart Kingdom, recently added to PBS KIDS online sites, has curriculum and educational resources developed with the help of an educational advisor at Arizona State University’s Center for Games and Impact.  Based on system thinking curriculum, Kart Kingdom helps individuals understand systems and how they work.  A system refers to several different things that work together to create a whole, such as the pipes in the water system. Without the pipes, water cannot travel from the dam to your faucet at home.  The ability to process using systems thinking is a crucial life skill for scientists and engineers.

An equally important life skill is the practice of being kind and safe and having fun — the rules at Kart Kingdom:

  1. Be kind!
    We’re all here to have fun! Please do not spam Kart Kingdom with repeat chat.
  2. Be safe!
    Keep your Kart Kingdom login information private by not sharing passwords. And make sure to logout of Kart Kingdom whenever you use a public computer – don’t let someone take over your account by accident!
  3. Have fun!
    We hope that you will see Kart Kingdom as a fun, exciting adventure!

PBS KIDS is in the process of developing educational resources to accompany Kart Kingdom, so please check the site for updates.

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