New Content From First Peoples — Premiering Tonight

200,000 years ago we took our first steps on the African savanna. Today there are 7 billion of us living across planet Earth. Tonight’s premiere of First Peoples on WGBY at 9pm explores how our ancestors spread from continent to continent and how the mixing of their prehistoric human genes allowed us to survive and thrive around the globe.

This week’s PBS LearningMedia content theme, Anthropology + Human Migrations, supports this broadcast premiere, featuring new educational content as well as PreK-12 resources.From the program First Peoples Infographic is now available.  You can also find these and other related PreK-12 resources at PBS LearningMedia:

Buddy Learns About Growing Up | Dinosaur Train | PreK-1
Bogs | SciGirls | 4-6
Ethnobotanist | Dragonfly TV | 4-6
Walking in the Woods | Your Inner Fish | 6-13+
The Agricultural Revolution | Crash Course | 9-13+
Social Advantages | The Human Spark | 9-12
Migration Sensations | WNET | Video | 9-12


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