Fred Rogers’ Legacy of Enduring Themes

Michael Keaton’s tribe to Fred Rogers and his neighborhood helps us to understand why Mr. Rogers’ legacy endures.  Over the years, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood has stood at the forefront of preschool and childhood education with resources imbued with gentleness, wisdom and humor. The Fred Rogers Collection at PBS LearningMedia includes favorite themes

like Fun With Learning.  For some of the most thorough, thoughtful, and imaginative educational material for Pre-K learners, you can also browse by other topics such Mr. Rogers and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Animals and the Environment, and Music and Arts. You can also explore full episodes from a variety of themes in the arts and sciences, as well as discussing ideas of community, family, and social experiences. Many episodes also introduce young viewers to factories, workshops, or renowned performers to broaden the viewer’s understanding of the world around them.

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