Wholesome Diets for a Lifetime, Not Just For When We Want to Lose Weight

Healthy eating needs to happen throughout the year, but summer with its abundance of fresh foods can be an opportune time to explore nutrition with children.  How different foods provide different kinds of nutrients — with some foods more nutritious than others — is the basis of a multi-media lesson from WGBH Public Television that teaches children the fundamentals of nutrition and how essential it is to health.

The lesson begins with an activity in which students consider two plates of food – one composed of healthy choices and one composed of “less healthy” choices. Students then watch a video about healthy eating habits and discuss the role of fruits and vegetables in a wholesome diet. Class also investigates snacks and learn about the difference between “everyday” and “sometimes” foods. Finally, they’ll participate in a hands-on activity that challenges them to make healthy choices while preparing a plate of food for a friend. EXPLORE.

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