Sharks and Shores

FullSizeRenderIt’s likely you and a fair number of students heard about the many sharks crusing Cape Code shorelines this summer.  (After sunset on Nauset Beach recently, I saw the heads of two seals emerge from the waves, their large population said to be the cause of the many sharks along our shores.)

You can find an abundance of resources on sharks at  

PBS LearningMedia such as the following:

Marine Science Oceans | Dinosaur Train | PreK-1

Magnapinna Squid | Songs for Unusual Creatures | K-8

Marine Science Collection | Various | 5-13+

Underwater Eco-Adventure | SciGirls | 5-8

Sharks and Shorelines | EARTH: A New Wild | 5-10 [You’ll also find a lesson plan and more here.]

The Shark and the Lamprey | Jonathan Bird’s Blue World | 6-8, 13+

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