TED Talk: Be Inspired and Humbled by Afghani Teacher

While your days can start early and end late — and perhaps because they do — you need to hear stories of others who face difficulty with bravery and even humor.  (You might even listen to this 17-minute talk as you get ready for school in the morning.)

Sakena Yocoobi tells her story with humility, subtle humor, and conviction.  Even though she was able to leave Afghanistan, get an education and become a professor in the U. S., and bring her family here, she was not satisfied.  She returned to her native land and, as founder and executive director of the Afghan Institute of Learning, now provides teacher training to Afghan women as well as education for girls and boys throughout the country.

In her TED Talk be inspired to hear how, despite her fear, she confronted young men in the Taliban to become their teacher instead of their enemy.

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