Embrace the Changing Role of Teachers

Sometimes we can perceive change as unfair and unmanageable.  But in teaching, as in life, change is inevitable and even necessary for growth in teachers and students.  This video, from a recent eSchoolNews article entitled “6 tips for innovative teaching,” shares the experience of educator Ann McMullan, who knows that embracing change in the digital age can lead to innovative teaching and learning that also improves high-stakes testing results.

PBS LearningMedia is a powerful resource to help transform teaching and learning in the digital age.  You can search over 100,000 free resources by grade, content, and standards to find video clips, lesson plans, interactive games and much more.  Then, filter resources to hone in on what best fits the needs of students/curriculum.  When you register for free on PBS LearningMedia, you can save and share with colleagues and students over 13 years of age.

You can also read the entire eSchoolNews article here.

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