Want to Know About Snapshot, the Popular App Used by Teens & Millennials?

From The New York Times Motherlode:  Living the Family Dynamic, an article entitled Why Your Kids Love Snapchat, and Why You Should Let Them helps you learn about the popular app and its value.  While the article’s author, Rachel Simmons, offers a caveat about why some might consider the app problematic, she offers a more compelling argument in support of Snapshot’s fleeting, authentic images of teens and millennials, especially at a time when their psyche’s can be especially fragile.

Students use of the app might also be a way to engage their interest in the power of photography.  While a search of “photography” at PBS LearningMedia renders thousands of resources, filtering them (e.g., English Language Arts and Literature) brings up 20 resources to consider integrating into your curriculum.

To read the entire New York Times’ article, click here.

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