Iconic Photo from Iwo Jima — Almost Never Taken

Soldiers raise the American flag at Iwo Jima.

On 23 February 1945, a single photograph captured the most famous and reproduced image of WWII and perhaps of all time. The impact of the picture on the war effort in the States was immeasurable, yet the iconic photo was almost never taken.

The film, Iwo Jima:  From Combat to Comrades, was broadcast last night and can be viewed on WGBY’s website.  A PBS LearningMedia video clip from the documentary tells how the press photographer captured his Pulitzer Prize-winning photo, which became synonymous with American victory.  Because the photo was taken on the fifth day of the 36-day battle with thousands more sacrifices to come, the PBS LearningMedia clip also looks at what happened to men on both sides after the flag went up.

To view the entire film at WGBY, click here.

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