Electronic Field Trips for Lessons from the American Civil Rights Movement

You can take a field trip without leaving the classroom with Alabama Public Television’s Project C: Lessons from the American Civil Rights Movement.  Designed for students in grades 7th – 12th, the next  live electronic field trip on December 1  commemorates the 60th anniversary of Rosa Park’s arrest.  Students can join APT’s student reporters as they interview experts and tour historic places, submit their own questions that can be answered live, and participate in live polls with instant results.

APT’s archived trips such as the Freedom March and The Civil Rights Act are also available.

In Episode Six, The Montgomery Bus Boycott, on December 1 at 10 am CST & 12 noon, student reporters lead viewers on a journey through Montgomery, visiting the Rosa Parks Museum and other historic sites pivotal to the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Interviews with historians, archivists, and those close to the boycott will provide an in-depth understanding of this 13-month event and its profound influence on the nation. Students will also examine methods of communication used within the movement and during the boycott.

To register for an upcoming electronic field trip or access a previous one click here.



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