WEBINAR Wednesday 1/13: Teaching About Race Today With “EYES ON THE PRIZE”

Not only is Eyes on the Prize about us in recent history, it can help us understand why we are where we are today.  WGBY’S WORLD Channel presents Eyes on the Prize I & II — over fourteen one-hour programs — on Sundays at 8pm, starting January 17.  (And to kick things off, WORLD’s new half-hour special, Eyes on the Prize: Then and Now, will premiere Sunday, January 17, at 7:30pm ET.

In this Wednesday’s webinar, Teaching About Race Today With “Eyes on the Prize,” you can join a stimulating and timely conversation about connecting students to the civil rights movement of the 1960’s and to what is happening now in cities like Ferguson, Chicago, and Cleveland.  Leading the discussion will be Judith Richardson, producer, author, social justice activist and SNCC veteran.  All who register for this event will receive a promotional code to order “Eyes on the Prize” DVDs at a discount, and one lucky registrant will be awarded a DVD set of the entire “Eyes on the Prize” series. This event will be recorded and archived for viewing 24/7.  Register.

Also to help the Civil Rights Movement come alive for students today, WGBH Education is developing a digital resource collection supporting Eyes on the Prize and civil rights themes in history and social studies curricula.  This collection will be available on PBS LearningMedia later this month.


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