The Smith College-Project Coach Fellowship Tuition-Free Master’s Program

Project Coach works to bridge the economic, educational and social divisions facing Springfield youth by empowering and employing inner-city teens to coach, teach, and mentor elementary school students in their neighborhoods.  While training teens to be leaders is at the heart of its mission, Project Coach also provides the scaffolding to enable teens to be successful in school and community through its partnership with Smith College.

The Smith College-Project Coach Fellowship is an innovative tuition-free master’s program that prepares aspiring coaches & teachers to work at the intersection of urban youth development and education.  Project Coach offers a number of master’s of arts in teaching for

aspiring teachers who are interested in youth development and the potential of the after-school world to improve academic outcomes for underserved youth.  The fellowship leads to an MAT and teacher licensure.  Learn more and apply by January 30, 2016 or contact Jo Glading-DiLorenzo @



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