Ready Jet Go! Arrives with Breakthrough Discovery of Gravitational Waves

Could we have planned a more fantastic arrival for Jet Propulsion — the star of PBS KIDS new show Ready Jet Go! — than on the heels of last week’s historic announcement of the discovery of gravitational waves, those “ripples in the fabric of space time” that Albert Einstein foresaw 100 years ago?  Jet, whose family members are aliens from the planet Bortron 7, explores the solar system and its effects on the science of our planet, all while learning about friendship and teamwork.

Premiering today, February 15, Ready Jet Go! already has some amazing resources to stir the curiosity of young minds.  Mindy’s Constellation Exploration | Ready Jet Go! at PBS LearningMedia allows children to connect the stars together and learn more from Mindy about constellations, such as the myths and legends that inspired the constellations.  At the Ready Jet Go! website you’ll find the Space Picture of the Day with recent data from NASA’s New Horizon’s Spacecaft as well as games, videos and activities.

To see WGBY’s schedule for Ready Jet Go!, click here.

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