Re-imagining Barbie — She Can Even Help Math Classes

“Progress [for women] over the last 20 years has been nothing short of stunning.”   Joanna Barsh at MAKERS Conference 2016

Are you old enough to remember when one of the things a talking Barbie doll said was “I hate math” when you pulled her string?  The ensuring furor over the effect such a statement could have on girls resulted in the doll being pulled from the market.  Nonetheless, Barbie continued to remain a questionable role model for girls — and boys — for some time.

This video from the recent MAKERS Conference 2016, which assembled the world’s most powerful leaders and innovators for a 36-hour action plan to develop and nurture characteristics necessary to produce strong, innovative leaders, shows us that Barbie has come a long way:

At PBS LearningMedia you’ll find resourcessuch as Bungee Jump, a Teaching Channel video in which Patrick Roda teaches his 8th grade math class about the line of best fit in a Barbie doll bungee jump experiment.  And when you search “Women” at PBS LearningMedia, you’ll find almost 3,000 results that you can filter by grade, content area, and resource type to discover rich options for students.

Learn more about MAKERS here, and view PBS/MAKERS videos here.

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